ROWA select -
selective pollutant removal

GIESEMANN offers, in addition to innovative lighting systems and extraordinary aquarium technology, an extensive program for water optimization.

Our exclusive distribution of ROWA products in many countries worldwide offers you the know-how of our more than 25 years of experience in water technology. For many years the ROWA brand had been available in specialised pet shops, national and internationally. Wherever exceptional water quality is expected or special water treatment challenges need to be met, people rely on ROWA products.

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ROWA edit –
Optimization and water treatment

ROWA products supplement and optimize the water of your aquarium and thereby create pollutant free biotope water. The highly efficient substance formulations for the optimization and stabilisation of freshwater and salt water aquariums, profit from the years-long experience with ROWAphos, guaranteeing   crystal-clear aquarium water.

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Water quality

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Produkt Einsatz Wirkung Packungsgrößen
ROWA®phos Schadstoffentfernung PO4 & SiO2 Adsorber 100 ml Dose inkl. Filterstrumpf
250 ml Dose inkl. Filterstrumpf
500 ml Dose ohne Filterstrumpf
1000 ml Dose ohne Filterstrumpf
5 l Eimer (für Händler-Eigenbedarf)
ROWA®carbon Schadstoffentfernung Hochleistungs-Aktivkohle 500 ml Dose
1000 ml Dose
5 l Eimer
25 kg Sack
ROWAper Schadstoffentfernung gegen Verkeimung
und Veralgung
1000 ml Flasche
ROWAkalk Wasserpflege Herstellung von Kalkwasser 500 ml Dose