Light control devices

Our light computers create optimal living conditions in your aquarium for both for fish and plants. The devices control all parameters of your aquarium illumination independently. All important features are contained in a single device. Simple handling and a multitude of setting options support you in operating your aquarium.

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Water treatment

The ultrafine membrane filter technology, which utilizes reverse osmosis (reverse osmosis, RO) provides ultrapure water with a safe, eco-friendly system, free of chemicals. ROWAsystem allows you to adapt your system according to your needs. Later expansion with the ROWAsystem tools are possible at any time due to the modular structure.

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Temperature management

Hot external temperatures or heat resulting from devices (pumps, lights), can quickly cause temperatures to rise to critical values. Especially during summer, a cooling of the aquarium is often necessary, so that the water does not overheat.

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Aqua Scape

Coloured coral glue with colouring similar to calcareous algae and therefore specifically suitable for coral reef aquariums. Aquascape can also be used to glue glass, ceramics, wood and many plastics and can also be utilized for the repair of pipes and tubing in freshwater and salt-water aquariums.

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