High light intensities

Especially for aquariums with high water levels, where other lighting systems typically struggle, the HQI technology is the most powerful lighting strategies available. In aquariums with light-dependent species or deep-water aquariums as well as many professional aquariums HQI lighting systems are still indispensable and cannot be replaced by any other light source.


Low costs and high durability

First and foremost, the high durability of an HQI lighting system, in combination with low initial costs for acquisition, present key advantages for this still state-of-the-art technology. In the context of energy cost comparisons, the temperature factor of HQI lighting systems is important, since the lamps help to heat up the aquarium, consequently keeping additional heating costs to a minimum.

The latest generation of MEGACHROME bulbs have significantly increased lifespan of about 10.000 – 12.000 hours. Colour deviations and light power are critically dependent on the individual operating conditions. These operating conditions include the switching-on cycles, and foremost the temperature conditions which are determined by the lamp and its mounting. For a lighting system with appropriate reflector geometry, a good cooling strategy and free suspension mounting (i.e. not enclosed by additional covers) after three years a light power of approx. 85% and a colour stability of approx. 90% can be expected. After that time these parameters sink disproportionately. Our lifespan estimations are average values, assuming good operating conditions.