Bluetooth Interface

For the perfect control of  PULZAR-HO lighting systems an excellent tool is available: Bluetooth interface offers full functionality and ticks all the boxes that a comprehensive and uncompromising light control system should. Bluetooth is possibly the most secure and most convenient protocol worldwide.

Be astounded by the various setting options and the vast light effects. The intelligent control solution offers the following feature amongst others:

  • Independent control and regulation of three colour channels
  • Sunrise and sunset with separate control over each colour
  • More than 50 switching points per colour channel
  • Freely selectable dimming times and intensities
  • Cloud simulation and further weather scenarios
  • Moon phase simulation in real-time

The LEDs contained in TESZLA, TESZLA-XT and PULZAR HO lighting systems are grouped based on a colour composition that mimics nature and can be regulated in individual colour groups (channels). The progression of all individual channels can be freely adjusted. Like this, you can create and define your course of the day, e.g. including cloud simulations, bad weather phases and up to a 28-day programmable moon cycle, exploring all the functions of your aquarium lighting system. An additional benefit: the BT-interface can be connected to your pre-existing TESZLA, TESZLA-XT and PULZAR-HO lighting systems without any problem.

For a demonstration of the versatility of options, please refer to the following video (although the video shows the control of FUTURA, the Bluetooth control of TESZLA closely corresponds to the depicted procedures).



How does the Bluetooth interface work?

The LEDs in the TESZLA and PULZAR systems are controlled via integrated micro processors with digital signals. The BT interface receives the signals via Bluetooth, for example from your tablet computer, smartphone, PC or laptop. No other devices such as aquarium computers are necessary.

In order to enter your light parameters a convenient software is available, which we provide free of charge to all our customers, either as an app or as a download for your PC or MAC.


How can the BT Interface be connected?

The BT Interface has 4 connecting sockets. By using the original interface cable (Art.-No. 20.171.034) you can simply connect the lighting system with the interface. One interface can control up to 4 TESZLA-S, TESZLA-S XT or PULZAR HO. By using a tablet computer*, smartphone* or your PC or MAC, your lighting system can now be conveniently controlled and programmed. Let yourself be enthralled by the numerous setting options and varying light effects.

The extensive range of equipment provided with your TESZLA-S lighting system is greatly enhanced by the Bluetooth Interface, creating a true high-tech solution.