We are experts in coloured lighting

Our LED systems profoundly profit from our experience with the development of lamps, such as POWERCHROME T-5 or MEGACHROME HQI. Extensive research efforts allowed us to determine the optimum spectra and colour mixtures for illuminating marine and tropical freshwater aquariums.


Nature as a role model

In natural coral reefs for example, a clear white light with emphasis on the blue part of the spectrum exists. White light already contains sufficient red, yellow and green wavelengths and is thus a mixture of the colour components. Why should we therefore use a multitude of red, orange, green and yellow LEDs, if these wavelengths barely appear in light spectrum that is naturally available to corals?

From an optical and foremost biological point of view, we block or greatly reduce these wavelengths. In this way, we focus rather on the relevant colours, indispensable for successful aquarium cultivation.


Lighting requirements for freshwater aquariums

Freshwater aquariums require drastically different lighting conditions to marine aquariums. Here, optimal conditions for vegetation, natural colour appearance and avoiding algae growth are amongst the key requirements of aquarium illumination. Therefore, we provide most of our lamps with a special LED configuration for freshwater aquariums.


Our guarantee for success

As our numerous references prove – our unique lighting concept as well as the composition of the LED spectra of GIESEMANN lighting products guarantee a successful aquarium biology.