Computer Interface

For a more complex control over your lighting system, we equipped the lights of TESZLA and PULZAR-HO systems with an interface to your aquarium computer. Connecting the aquarium computer can be done via the COMPUTER-INTERFACE.

The LED contained in the lighting system are colour-grouped based on combinations that mimic nature. These groups can be regulated via individual circuits (channels). The progress of all individual channels can be freely adjusted based on the opportunities provided by your connected aquarium computer. Like this, you can create your self-defined course of the day, e.g. including cloud simulations, bad weather phases, lightning, etc. up to a programmable 28-day moon cycle, thereby fully exploring the functions of your aquarium computer.


How does the interface work?

The LEDs in our lighting systems are controlled via a microprocessor with digital signals. Since the typical aquarium computers on the market only possess analogue interfaces with a control voltage of 1-10 V, the analogue signal of your aquarium computer needs to be translated into digital signals for the LEDs. The computer interface understands the signals of your aquarium computer and translates these into signals suitable for TESZLA or PULZAR.


How is the interface connected?

For connection to your aquarium computer, the rear side of the interface provides two western sockets, each with two 1-10 V. With two special connecting cables, the aquarium computer can be connected to the INTERFACE. Then, use our USB cables to connect the USB interface of the lighting system with one of the four sockets on the front end of the interface. The interface is able to connect to up to four TESZLA-S or PULZAR-HO lighting systems. The connection plan / wiring diagram for the lighting systems can be found here.