The fascination of salt-water aquariums

A marine aquarium, with its kaleidoscope of coloured fishes and corals enchants almost every spectator. Only a few years ago, it seemed unimaginable that sensitive corals and marine invertebrates could be kept in an artificial underwater biosphere, let alone be cultivated.

Light is an essential prerequisite for marine life –– it provides the fundament of existence for many organisms. Only by providing optimal amounts of light to aquarium creatures by means of the right lighting spectrum, can a reef aquarium be successfully maintained.

Most of the corals kept in an aquarium naturally live in marine depths ranging from 5 to 15 meters. In a natural marine environment, even in these depths, quite high light intensities can be observed.

Metal halide lamps (HQI) and T-5 fluorescent tubes are ideal lighting sources for these types of aquariums. Additionally, our innovative LED technology provides an excellent alternative for illuminating salt-water aquariums.