Distinctive Design: INFINITI

Distinctive Design. Even more self-assured, with an eye-catching, high contrast front, and a bold, elegant appearance. Titan silver cooling frames and horizontal air inlets add to this look, with exact scaling for all models.

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SPECTRA – pure high performance

Our innovative HQ-5 technology is also available as a high performance light unit.

This high-power premium lighting system with a classic modern design, a dynamic profile, bold appearance is a brave reinterpretation of classic GIESEMANN design elements.

SPECTRA is a new embodiment of the typical GIESEMANN design - a piece of technology ready for the limelight.

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Metal Halide bulbs are the best alternative to natural light for the intensive illumination of aquariums. Efficient light power and color representation, in combination with high cost-effectiveness, offer clear advantages in comparison to other light sources.

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HQI technology

The classic solution for successful aquariums

HQI illumination solutions are lighting systems for Metal Halide bulbs and are one of the most powerful light sources available. Especially for aquariums with very light-dependent species or for deep water aquariums, HQI bulbs nowadays still represent the most efficient light sources with the latest lighting technology.

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Biologically appropriate light colours and infinite combinations

The HQI technology offers in combination with T-5 fluorescent tubes various opportunities to shape light according to your personal wishes.

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Extremely high economic efficiency

Modern HQI systems are indeed cost-efficient. Selected premium components ensure high durability and performance-oriented energy consumption.

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