Intelligent lighting control

The lighting control of our light systems allows you to adjust the illumination intensity and spectrum solely based on your wishes and the needs of the aquarium species.

All fixtures and light control components from GIESEMANN contain microprocessors, which with the help of specific programming, the so-called firmware, makes a wide range of functions possible. This is why our development teams consist not only of light technicians and electrical engineers but also of computer scientists.

450 individual switching points per colour and per channel – in total almost 2500 light combinations per day. Yet, in order not to be overwhelmed with the seemingly endless possibilities, the control systems of our lamps is predesigned to only allow biologically reasonable combinations.

The basic light should always have a white characteristic. Red and green accents can be blended into this white baseline, according to your personal preference.  Purple and blue colours can combine to create your personal aquarium lighting experience. Of course, this colour scheme is easily variable. How about a warm light in the morning, a cold white/blue at midday and a blue/purple in the evening – and all of that maybe slowly moving from east to west over your tank?