Unbeatable performance

Uncompromising light distribution without shadows.

The LED/T-5 hybrid technology, which we developed as one of our first models almost 10 years ago, has been perfected as AURORA.

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Entry into hybrid LED /
Hybrid technology at a favourable price.

Without loss of comfort, the GEMINI offers the optimal entry into hybrid technology.

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The most flexible T5 hybrid system

STELLAR lets you combine your favourite LED light module with two banks of high efficient T-5 lights.

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LED hybrid –
the best of both worlds

Uncompromising illumination for all marine aquariums

Our LED hybrid technology offers maximum light supply through uniform illumination, even for sensitive corals. The synergy of the reliable and established T-5 and state-of-the-art LED technology offers homogeneous light distribution and unique colours in your reef tank.

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