LED technology – Leading through experience

Basic Research

Our early attempts with LED aquarium lighting were first presented at international exhibitions in 2002. In those days, the time was not yet ripe – technology was not yet efficient enough and simply too expensive. However, already by 2006, we were one of the first companies to offer LED aquarium lighting on the market.


15 years of LED

In the almost 15 years in which we have been working on the application of LED lighting in the aquarium setting, we have gained so much knowledge, all of which we have incorporated into our LED lighting systems. The result is biologically and aesthetically optimal light and lighting techniques, in every detail of our systems.

Our Experience

With backgrounds in light technology, our workforce of electronic engineers, software specialists, biologists and aquarium enthusiasts are well placed on the cutting edge of our industry. In the development of our products, the centuries of experience we have acquired in this industry, plays a role of inestimable worth.


Following new paths

We do not rest on our laurels – instead we are constantly looking for ways to forge ahead, with new ideas. You will experience this spirit of innovation for yourself as you browse through our products, and also in the future as we preview our new developments.


Our References

As the oldest provider of aquarium lighting on the market, it is logical that we also have the most experience. Where other brands are only just starting to navigate this complex technology, we have often already reached the goal. Impressive evidence of our competence can be found in our extensive list of references.




Here you will discover the history of our early steps in aquarium lighting, and how we have grown from a small visionary concern, to an international company and well known and trusted brand.