Manufactured in Germany

Isn’t that too expensive? many people may ask. Wouldn’t it be much better to produce the products in low-wage countries, such as China? The fully automatized assembly of the LED boards enables us to competitively produce them here in Germany. Robot-controlled production guarantees extremely high quality standards with maximum precision. The proximity to production allows us to constantly monitor the process, thereby ascertaining the high standard of our products.


Precision through laser technology


All metal components, including reflectors and smallest components, are manufactured by laser technology to guarantee their highest precision. These complex works are also carried out at Nettetal in order to have access to current production at all times. 


Hand made in Germany

All GIESEMANN products are hand-made and assembled at our site in Nettetal. Our very experienced staff consists only of certified and specialist workers, trained for many years in electrical engineering with corresponding professional experience, as well as master craftsmen in electronics.


Individual quality control

Each lamp is tested extensively prior to shipping - least 24 hours in continuous operation as well as in programmed test cycles. Each product is accompanied by a test and assembly certificate, which documents test results as well as the person who assembled the lamp.



All products and components are solely produced in Germany. As well as testing each product for reliability and efficiency, the entire production process is also well documented. Therefore, our products also carry the prestigious TÜV, GS and ENEC marks which verify safety and quality.

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