Straight lines and rich contrasts– the LINEA aquarium program is a real eye catcher. LINEA is a premium aquarium system, manufactured from matt anodised aluminium.

The inlays and fillings are available in a wood or other materials. The sides are made of hardened, satin finished safety glass. The aquarium hardware and technology is discreetly hidden.


Sophisticated design and high quality materials …

… characterize this novel furniture series. You can choose from various sizes and different finishes.

Whether noble wood, with high gloss varnish or premium-grade glass fillings: the novel Giesemann panel system is available in a wide variety of finishes, which can be combined in various ways. We also offer a range of choices with respect to the functional elements: the glass sides exist in various colours, which can be matched to the side panels.


Living ambience

Fashionable dark WENGE wood, restful MAPLE or futuristic TITANIUM surfaces:

The basic element always is the stable corpus made out of matt aluminium in combination with superbly finished glass sides. Both sides are made of hardened glass with a satined surface. The aquarium hardware and technology is discreetly hidden.

Design your aquarium furniture individually, based on your own ideas and your style of living. Making later changes to the coloured elements is always possible due to our EASYCLIC system. Another option, LINEA II is also available which has satin finished glass side panels, and is also available in a room divider version. You can choose from different sizes and surfaces, as well as many different models.


LINEA marine

reef aquariums without compromise

The LINEA marine aquarium system was developed to facilitate salt-water aquarium keeping. Whether you are starting out with your first reef aquarium or whether you are an experienced aquarium connoisseur, the LINEA marine program will fulfil all the expectations you have of an innovative sea-water aquarium.

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LINEA tropic

A window into nature

Be fascinated by the tropical underwater biosphere. LINEA tropic offers ideal prerequisites for the creation of a tropic freshwater biotope. Smart details minimize the maintenance needs of your aquarium and guarantee unique underwater landscapes for both the beginner and the advanced user.

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