Exploring the basics

Many innovations in the realm of aquaristic, to us are simply standard. A few years ago it was hardly imaginable that delicate corals and marine invertebrates could be kept in an artificial underwater aquascape, let alone that that they would be able to increase and multiply. With our own internal research and development department, we concern ourselves daily with new challenges and improvements around the theme of light in aquaristics.


Recognising Connections

In the development of our products, we work closely together, from the outset, with marine biologists, public aquariums and research centres, as well as experts in the field of biology and aquaristics. We as specialists, concentrated fully on this field of expertise, are often able to provide technical standards.


Objective product diversity

We do not concentrate only one technical aspect. Giesemann is a lighting specialist, therefore we, as exclusive manufacturer, are able to offer our customers all available lighting systems. Whether LED lighting, T-5, HQI or hybrid technology, every system has its individual advantages and applications. We do not need to convince you to choose one or the other lighting system – instead you are able to choose, from our products, a huge diversity of lighting systems.