Optimal lighting sources

A crucial aspect of perfect illumination, besides the lighting systems you use is the type of lights you choose i.e. the optimum HQI bulb or the fluorescent tube itself. GIESEMANN lighting systems are therefore generally delivered with the matching lights (fluorescent lighting tubes and bulbs) in original manufacturer quality. We always equip our lighting systems with the original Giesemann MEGACHROME HQI bulbs and our POWERCHROME T-5 fluorescent tubes. Lamps from our brand have extraordinary reputation worldwide.

A kaleidoscope of colours: POWERCHROME T-5

A crucial aspect of perfect illumination, besides the utilized lighting systems, is the lighting source itself, hence the optimal T-5 fluorescent tube. We offer a range of seven different light colours and thus a matching lighting source for every aquarium.

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Metal Halide bulbs offer the best alternative for an intensive illumination of an aquarium. The efficient light performance and colour representation, in combination with high cost effectiveness offer great advantages compared to all other light sources.

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