Temperature Management – the alpha and omega

The durability – i.e. the lifetime of the LED primarily depends on the environmental conditions and amongst those the operational temperature is key.

The combination is crucial

Efficient cooling is extremely important for LEDs, therefore relying on only one cooling strategy is fatal. Our lighting systems are therefore equipped with a combination of passive and active cooling techniques.

Technology in the details

Tangible cooling elements such as heatsinks in conjunction with state of the art electronically controlled active cooling strategies guarantee ideal conditions for operation. This is the only approach to be certain of a high performance over the entire period of operation.


Intelligent electronics

The intelligent electronic controls of our lighting systems conducts temperature measurements at various locations within the lamp as well as directly on the LED boards. The data acquired is evaluated and for example controls the cooling fans. Therefore the fans will spin only as fast as necessary, which makes our lighting systems so extremely quiet.


Safety Features

In a case where cooling via the fans is not sufficient, if for example a lamp was inadvertently covered or a technical error occurred, the intelligent electronics controls the lighting intensity and downregulates the latter – in emergency cases the unit would in fact be switched off completely. After sufficient cooling the system autonomously reboots to the pre-set operational mode.