AQUARIUMS made in Germany

Choose from different furniture programs in diverse styles. With a wide variety of colour, form, volume and materials, you can create the perfect atmosphere in your home. There is space for every one of your ideas. A GIESEMANN Aquarium isn’t a simple off-the-shelf product. It is planned, furnished and equipped solely based on your wishes and designed to match your life. Only then, we start building it. Only for you.


New worlds of style

The GIESEMANN aquarium program offers a multitude of choice, but there is one common goal: to create something unique and elevated far above the common standards. Choose from our three different worlds of style with our programs ESPRIT, CHROMA and LINEA.


Elaborate accents

Add attractive accentuation to your life with coloured fronts and special aquariums. Make walls, corners and recesses eye-catchers, and create new biospheres. A visit to a Giesemann distributor will inspire you and allow your ideas to run free. For the design of furniture and aquariums you need passion, and that extra special touch – key characteristics of our employees.


High quality details

The careful artisanal craftsmanship of our products is evident in the superior quality and design details. The generous use of materials, perfect edges and our elaborate attention to detail characterize our brand. The painstaking production and extensive quality testing ensure that every aquarium and every piece of furniture shipped by us, leaves our facilities in an immaculate state.

With a Giesemann product you always make the right choice. We issue a two year warranty on the flawless manufacture, the functionality of the technical components, and on the veneers and varnishes of all our products. Giesemann is renowned worldwide for extraordinary aquarium systems. Innovation and precision define our brand.