GIESEMANN T-5 / super purple

POWERCHROME T-5 super-purple is a high-performance T5-lamp with a very stable spectrum for illuminating reef aquariums. It provides stunning colour effects and in combination with our other T-5 versions or our MEGACHROME HQI bulbs supports abundant coral growth. POWERCHROME T-5 super-purple possesses a white-violet spectrum and serve as perfect supplement to our POWERCHROME basic colours (POWERCHROME T-5 aquablue-coral and aquablue-azure).

Extensive testing has proven that specifically LPS and SPS corals, only after two to three weeks exposure to this tone, show significantly higher colour intensities, especially in the pink, violet and red range of the spectrum. Fish appear significantly more colourful and natural.

Many scientific research institutes and public aquariums rely on GIESEMANN lamps. This provides overwhelming evidence for the outstanding quality of our products.

POWERCHROME T-5 super-purple is, just like the entire POWERCHROME T-5 program, available in the standard versions of 24, 39, 54 and 80 Watts.

  • Increase the violet and red colour facets of corals and fish
  • Very high colour stability through premium-grade fluorescent substances
  • White/red/violet colour spectrum



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POWERCHROME super purple

Art.Nr. Item Length Power Colour/
use Shop-Link
100.556 Giesemann POWERCHROME T-5
super purple
 550 mm 24 Watt pink
ca. 700 lm
100.566 Giesemann POWERCHROME T-5
super purple
 850 mm 39 Watt pink
ca. 1250 lm
100.576 Giesemann POWERCHROME T-5
super purple
1150 mm 54 Watt pink
ca. 1800 lm
100.586 Giesemann POWERCHROME T-5
super purple
1450 mm 80 Watt pink
ca. 2500 lm