Consistent lighting at every angle

Unwavering, consistent lighting - this is the core philosophy of a GIESEMANN LED lights. We have always rejected the lens technology, which is so abundant in other products, since this allows high light intensities on a small spot, however inconsistently illuminates the entire aquarium, which is very unsatisfactory.


Optimal light combinations

Because of innovative light distribution and the sophisticated assembly of the individual LED boards, light is well distributed so that no part of the aquarium is shaded, and so-called over illuminated hotspots are avoided. All LEDs in our systems are arranged in so called ´clusters´. This, and the specific arrangement of the individual LED light colours guarantees a perfect mixture of light.


No disturbing “disco-effect”

In contrast to many other products on the market, with our LED systems you will not notice a disturbing and unnatural “disco-effect” in the aquarium. The “disco-effect” describes clearly perceptible coloured spotlights, created by narrow-focussing lenses above the LED.


Reflectors instead of lenses

This technology combines our long-term experience in the field of aquarium lighting with other lighting technologies. The lower sides of our LED lighting elements are completely reflectively coated. The light reflected from the water surface is therefore immediately redirected from the entire LED unit back into the aquarium.


Unique degree of efficiency

The end effect of all our light technology features guarantees the highest degree of light yield while keeping the energy costs at a minimum. The result is a perfect light balance, consistent and shade-free illumination without light consuming lenses or milk glass plates like at other products on the market. The light emitted by the LED, is not filtered and reaches the aquarium 100%.