The spirit of a new generation.

With its new design the MATRIXX series offers an attractive mixture of performance, value and impressive elegance. Moreover, the highly refined reflector technology guarantees an especially well-balanced mixture of depth/breadth light distribution.

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RAZOR - the light module

Wherever aquariums or waterproof terrariums need to be illuminated, the light module RAZOR T-5 emerges with unbeatable flexibility.

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SPHERA T-5 – aluminium aquarium canopy

A cover for aquariums and terrariums in a timeless design, incorporating novel technology.

Whilst superior aluminium creates an exclusive look in your home, you will be convinced by its superior appearance and at the same time its durability, stability and resistivity. The aquarium hood SPHERA is an outstanding opportunity to elevate your aquarium into upper class living.

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a kaleidoscope of colours

An essential prerequisite for perfect illumination, besides the lighting technology – is clearly the lamp itself, namely the optimal T-5 fluorescent tube. With a selection of different luminous colours we offer the perfect light source for every aquarium.

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Advantages of the T-5 technology

The T-5 technology is an evolution of the popular T-8 technology. The most obvious difference is the significantly smaller tube diameter of 16 mm. T-5 lamps provide higher light power compared to T-8 lamps and are therefore excellently suited for freshwater or marine aquariums.

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Modern performance electronics

Our lighting systems contain the most modern electronic ballasts, which guarantee the long lifetime of the T-5 lamps, through the automatic warm start.

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Cool details

The right temperature management increases the performance of a T-5 lighting system. This is why we specifically payed attention to this detail.

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Plug & play

A Giesemann lighting system is delivered as a complete set, including high-quality POWERCHROME T-5 lamps. Simply choose your favourite combination from our luminous colours for all freshwater or marine aquariums.

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