For many years, GIESEMANN only offered the modern T-5 technology for the illumination of aquariums. This technology is characterized by an extremely high illumination power and very accurate colour representation. Within our T5-programme, we offer the most up-to-date fluorescent tubes, the so-called HO-version (high output). They have an extremely high durability. They only need to be changed at large intervals and give at least 12 and 18 months of constant light power and colour stability. The technical lifespan equals even up to 25.000 hours.


T-5 technology

The T-5 fluorescent tubes with a diameter of 5/8 in. (= 16 mm, this is where the name “T5” originates) provide a significantly more intensive light than the common T8 fluorescent tubes 8/8 in. (= 26 mm).

T-5 illuminations have the advantage of being suitable both, for freshwater and marine aquariums. The T-5 can be selected in different luminous colours, depending on intended use.