Tropical freshwater aquariums

The perfect freshwater aquarium is the dream of any aquarium lover. Whether it is an underwater landscape with brilliantly coloured fish species or a natural aquarium with dense vegetation, for any type of aquarium, lighting is crucial. Only an adequate lighting concept reveals the full glory the sparkling multitude of coloured fish and plants.

Vegetation is enhanced by adequate lighting sources, which stabilizes the eco-system. If the aquarium plants are provided with proper conditions, algae do not stand a chance in a healthy aquarium environment.

Our lighting range for freshwater aquariums includes the perfect choice for every need, ranging from compact single lighting to computer-controlled high-tech lamps. Illumination technology has been specifically developed for open as well as for closed aquarium systems.

Light is not just light. The lighting of your aquarium lies in your hands– and we are happy to assist you achieve your individual look. Our lighting systems will ensure that your illumination strategy creates exactly the effect you want.

Despite all trends and fashion, we only provide products which cherish and promote aquarium biology.

For us, aquarium biology is our starting point, and remains always the guiding principle in all our products, irrespective of trends and fashions.