Flexible adaption –
perfect for your aquarium

Suspension kit

The steel wire suspension for VERVvE is height and gradient adjustable and serves in particular the ceiling suspension.

With the steel wire suspension the height of your lamp is easily adjustable. A tug of the wire is enough to adjust the VERVvE´s height. Naturally the light can be set in your desired position.  The gradient and angle can also be adjusted, which is useful if you wish to create effects with slanting rays of light, or avoid glare.


Aquarium mounting arm

The mounting arm for VERVvE is a comfortable device that fits safely on the aquarium edge – even for aquariums with Euro brace.

The mounting clamp is suitable for aquariums with glass of up to 25mm thick. The unique construction, with an especially large base width of up to 70mm, allows it to be mounted with existing aquarium frames, or on existing struts above the aquarium.

The lighting system is rotatable, so it can also be mounted transversely above the aquarium. The VERVvE itself is adjustable to a distance of 130mm to 290mm. The mounting distance from the top of the aquarium can therefore be adjusted between 130mm and 290mm.


Wall mount

In conjunction with the steel wire suspension, a pair of wall mounted brackets allows you to mount your lighting from the wall. The maximum mounting distance from the wall is 372mm.


Tipp: Mounting options are not standard in the delivery of your VERVvE and should be ordered separately.