Forget Cable chaos

VERVve PLUS communicates simply and wirelessly with other VERVvE ONE lamps and other additional hardware, without limitations. The free software functions independently of any internet connection on your mobile device, tablet or computer (Mac). Your device therefore becomes the command centre of your aquarium lighting. VERVve PLUS communicates solely over the extremely reliable and stable Bluetooth, resulting in smooth and unproblematic data transfer.

The necessary App for your computer, smartphone or tablet can be downloaded HERE.


Extraordinary Range with Bluetooth

Your VERVve PLUS automatically finds all available Bluetooth networks, which you can connect to with a single click, enabling  you to control, program, or to access important data, no matter where you are, without extra devices or aquarium computer.

According to IEEE 802, Bluetooth is the defacto industry standard for the smooth and secure transfer of data between devices.