Designed to seduce –
built to last

Designed to seduce – built to last

Despite its impressive slim proportions VERVve offers a unique and distinctive design combined with unrivalled technical details. Designed in Germany with only quality durable components, and a light casing of premium aluminium/magnesium alloy, with a special salt water resistant powder coating. As with all GIESEMANN products, the VERVvE is proudly produced and hand finished exclusively in Germany. Only components and materials of the highest quality are good enough for us.


Maximum Longevity through precise electronics

Constructive measures keep all our LED modules from reaching critical temperatures and overheating. Every LED lamp is equipped with high tech microcontrollers, that amongst other controlling functions, permanently monitor the internal temperature of the LED. Palpable cooling elements combine with an electronically controlled active cooling system to ensure ideal operating conditions. With this innovation we ensure a high performance over the lifetime of our lamps.


LED Technology Made in Germany

We have always striven for perfection in the development of our lamps, down to the smallest details. All components, including the casing and thermo elements, as well as the beating heart of every lamp –electro platinum - are manufactured in Germany.

Our fully automised board production ensures for competitive production whilst robot controlled assembly ensures and extremely high quality standard and maximum precision.