Simple and Easy Programming

24 Hour Experience

With the simple but at the same time intuitive system, realistic weather conditions as well as nature-like 24 hour cycles can be simulated.

Rain, clouds and thunderstorms – it is all in your hands. At night, be enchanted by the moonlight gently shining on your aquarium. With more than one VERVve, impressive sunrises and sunsets can also be added to your lighting repertoire.

And all this is possible directly over your Android device (smartphone or tablet) or MAC computer, completely wirelessly over Bluetooth, with VERVvE PLUS


Almost Unlimited Possibilities

Each VERVvE has up to 864 individual programme points allowing you to minutely control the intensity of the six complementary, biologically compatible colour channels.

To make your life easier, every VERVve comes equipped with 6 pre-programmed settings for various aquarium types.



In addition to the possibility of individually programming your VERVvE system, for added convenience it is also possible to select from pre-programmed 24 hour nature like scenarios, which can be installed as ´´pre-sets´´ over the light display or also via Bluetooth with the App on your mobile device. At the top you will see represented the curve of your chosen light cycle, and at the bottom an impression of how your chosen setting will look in your aquarium.

Preset1 - REEF 1

Preset4 - Lagoon

Preset2 - REEF 2

Preset5 - Deep Blue

Preset 3 - Acclimatision

Preset 5 - Fish


Preset 1 - REEF 1

Preset 4 - Laggon


Preset 2 - REEF 2

Preset 5 - Deep Blue

Preset 3 - Acclimatision

Preset 6 - Fish


The pictures are only an example, colours may vary slightly in your own aquarium. The technical data and programme parameters may vary depending on software. Modifications and updates are provided