VIVA – a perfect entry point into the world of LED technology.

VIVA opens a window into the world of powerful LED technology for your aquarium – Ranging from the full spectrum of natural sunlight to the white/blue and actinic light for salt-water aquariums – the GIESEMANN’s novel lighting series offers truly all-round solutions.

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Includes easy instructions

VIVA comes equipped with integrated light computing – comfort at the push of a button

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VIVA is available in two models:

VIVA tropic – equipped with premium-grade high-power LEDs and with a full spectrum of colour nuances offers excellent light conditions for all sorts of aquarium vegetation. It simulates natural daylight and thereby easily penetrates water to a depth of up to 60 cm.

VIVA marine – also comes equipped with ultra bright high-power LEDs, accentuating the blue spectral range while at the same time simulating the entire light spectrum, designed specifically for marine aquariums. It offers optimal light conditions for the proliferation of almost all corals and invertebrates in aquariums with a water depth up to 55 cm.

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Versatility and flexibility

With its slim and elegant design and various mounting options – attached to your aquarium or a ceiling suspension, – the new VIVA High Tech LED is an extremely versatile light source for all freshwater and marine aquariums

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VIVA References

Numerous customers have been relying on their aquarium lighting for years. Here we show you pictures and videos about the VIVA, which kindly have been provided to us by our customers.

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Highlights VIVA

  • High-Tech LED fixture
  • premium-grade massive-aluminium casing
  • integrated cooling structures
  • corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • colours: iridium-metallic or high gloss pure white
  • passive cooling of the LED without any fan
  • electronic temperature management
  • in-built light control with various features
  • available predetermined light settings (“pre-sets”)
  • illuminated LC graphic display
  • appealing black/white display
  • external power supply for safe operation at 24 volts



  • optional mounting possibilities
  • suspension kit or aquarium-mounts available
  • 3 LED clusters with high-performance LEDs from the market leader “CREE”
  • each LED cluster with individual high gloss reflectors
  • parabolic architecture prevents light scattering losses
  • easy-to-clean splash guard protection
  • dimensions of the light unit: approx. 900 x 250 x 37 mm
  • biologically compatible LED combination
  • assembly optimized for maximum light yield
  • available in marine and freshwater models


VIVA Details

  • Measurements & recommendation
  • Colours
  • Mounting & equipment
  • Download
  • What's in the box

Measurements & recommendation
VIVA - High-tech LED light

  VIVA marine VIVA tropic
Measurements: 900 x 250 x 37 mm 900 x 250 x 37 mm
Equipment: 3 LED Cluster / max. 150W 3 LED Cluster / max. 150W
Recommendation: for marine aquariums
up to  
110 x 55 x 55 cm
and average stock*
für Süßwasseraquarien
mit Abmessungen bis zu
110 x 55 x 60 cm
and average planting*


  • Complete daylight simulation for sunrise and sunset by individually dimmable LED groups
  • Moonlight simulation with moon phases, freely selectable lunar cycle and adjustable light output
  • Cloud simulation freely configurable
  • Weather simulation (lightning)
  • Two programs for pre-selection of adjusted lighting programs
  • Data storage of all programs with power failure protection
  • Three individual LED color channels with 6 freely selectable switching points
  • Programming by selector button with display
  • Display of all parameters in the LC display, graphical user interface 


  • 230 V mains voltage
  • 24 V operating voltage
    (needed power supply included)
  • 230 V mains voltage
  • 24 V operating voltage 
    (needed power supply included)
Power: max. power 150 watts
(variable from 0 to 150 watts)
max. power 150 watts 
(variable from 0 to 150 watts)

* These data are approximate lighting recommendations for our aquarium lighting, which are researched with the utmost care. However, we can not assume any guarantee that the information is correct or binding. This information and technical data are no individual recommendation. In case of doubt, we recommend always consulting the aquaristic specialist.


Giesemann -
colours above the aquarium

Standard colours
without surcharge


Polar white


Monting components
& equipment




Available mounting components

Suspension kit for VIVA
Hanging suspension kit with hight- and gradiant-adjustment for VIVA

MATRIXX II Stahlseilset


Aquarium universal mounting set

- width = ~44 cm
- for glass thickness up to 15 mm
- aquarium length =
  from +0cm to +14cm of light body
- installation height = 50mm
  above aquarium edge.






Find here the VIVA manual


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What's in the Box

VIVA marine

VIVA tropic

1 external power pack

1 external power pack

1 power cord
with EU-plug
(other plugs upon request)

1 power cord
with EU-plug
(other plugs upon request)



6,3 kg / 13.9 lbs
box weight
6,3 kg / 13.9 lbs
box weight