The compact suspended lamp

Manufactured from aluminium and therefore very robust

A specific innovation of this lamp is the three part light corpus fabricated from extrusion moulded aluminium – repeatedly powder coated in pure-white or iridium metallic. This corpus presents the light in a smart design and at the same time serves as an extraordinary cooling element for the LED bulb.

The model WEGA comfort can be adjusted in height with only one simple step thanks to our innovative steel wire suspension and the spiral cord.

Economical and efficient...

...due to interchangeable LED technology

WEGA LED is equipped with an powerful, replaceable  LED bulb with E27 socket. This lamp contains powerful LEDs and an integrated reflector providing a radiation angle of 60°. WEGA’s lamp housing provides efficient protection from glare. With a total power of only 20 Watts, an amazing light yield is generated, comparable to mercury vapour lamps about 5-times more powerful – hence WEGA can be considered highly energy efficient.

The right spectrum...

... for all kinds of vegetation, including freshwater aquariums through interchangeable LED technology.

WEGA is equipped with a LED bulb which provides the special spectral distribution required for the proliferation of your vegetation. An intricate light formula guarantees that the fish and vegetation inside the aquarium appear in a natural colour, and supports tremendous proliferation, even of sensitive plants. The colour temperature of this light source remains stable at 6000 Kelvin, resulting in a luminous flux of more than 2000 lumen.

Committed to tradition

Owing to our year-long experience in plant and aquarium lighting, our lighting systems enjoy a magnificent reputation and have very successfully been used in many aquariums, from plant breeders to numerous public facilities. Our compact LED system profits from our more than 25 years of experience in the development and fabrication of lighting systems.


WEGA LED References

Numerous customers have been relying on their aquarium lighting for years. Here we show you pictures and videos about the WEGA, which kindly have been provided to us by our customers.

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Highlights WEGA LED

  • High-tech LED light source
  • Premium-grade solid aluminium housing
  • Integrated cooling structures
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • Two colours available (white or iridium)
  • Passive cooling of the LED without a fan



  • Simple connection with the mains power supply
  • no additional power supply required
  • Dimensions: 155 x 160 mm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • WEGA-LED COMFORT comes with a spiral cord
  • Convenient height adjustment


WEGA LED Details

  • Maße und Empfehlung
  • Farben
  • Montage & Zubehör
  • Download

Abmessungen & Empfehlung WEGA LED



160 x 160 x 163 mm

160 x 160 x 163 mm


  • Austauschbares Leuchtmittel E27
  • Austauschbares Leuchtmittel E27
  • stufenlose Höhenverstellung
  • Spiralkabel zum direkten Anschluss (ohne Netzstecker)

Leuchtmittel 40°
6000 K
Ca. 20 W
Ca. 2200 lm

Leuchtmittel 40°
6000 K
Ca. 20 W
Ca. 2200 lm

Beleuchtungsempfehlung: Tropische Süßwasseraquarien
Paludarien, Pflanzenanlagen
60 x 60 x 60 cm
Tropische Süßwasseraquarien,
Paludarien, Pflanzenanlagen
60 x 60 x 60 cm


220-240 Volt Netzspannung

220-240 Volt Netzspannung


Mit Giesemann kommt Farbe übers Aquarium

ohne Mehrpreis

  • Irridium
  • Polarweiß


& Zubehör




Verfügbare Montagekomponenten

Stahlseilset für WEGA LED 
Dieses Set beinhaltet eine komplette variable Stahlseilaufhängung für WEGA LED inklusive Tragseil, Stahlseilhalter, Leuchtenbefestigung, Deckenbefestigung für stufenlose Höhenverstellung.

MATRIXX II Stahlseilset





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