Giesemann aquarium systems

GIESEMANN complete aquarium systems are engineered to the minutest details. They combine a robust aquarium furniture system, an aquarium with drop shaft, and upon request, tailored technology for freshwater or salt-water, including the perfect aquarium lighting system.

The CHROMA and LINEA series offer aquarium systems in different designs and sizes.

LINEA - Premium aquariums

Sophisticated design and high-quality materials characterize the LINEA furniture program. Different sizes and finishes are available.

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Individually configured aquariums

Create an aquarium system based on your individual ideas, matched to your living style. Whether custom fabricated in practically any dimensions, or our standard series LINEA or CHROMA: our flexibility allows us to fulfil practically every wish.

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A small window into nature

The perfect aquarium: everybody’s dream

It is not surprising that keeping an aquarium has become one of the most popular hobbies worldwide, given the fascination of experiencing a small but vivid window into nature, in your own home.

The perfect aquarium is the dream of many people. Whether it is an aquarium full of colourful fish and lush vegetation, or a salt-water aquarium with exotic species: with the right technology and a basic understanding of the needs of underwater species, a successful aquarium is guaranteed. Sophisticated design and high quality materials characterize the Giesemann aquarium furniture range.

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Aquariums and Projects

Numerous customers have been relying on their aquarium lighting for years. Here we show you pictures and videos about the MATRIXX and MATRIXX DIMTEC, which kindly have been provided to us by our customers.

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