• Founding
  • Development of the first specialized lighting for aquariums with the halogen metal vapor lamps
  • Establishment of diverse test aquarium for salt and fresh water and the installation of elaborate measurement equipment for light measurement.
  • Development of special UV protection glass for aquariums with light transparency, especially for the keeping of coral.
  • Our range of products include the System 260 HQI and 260 T-8, both available in a number of custom lengths.


  • Development of our first modular lighting system
  • First combination lighting system 260, with HQI and T-8 Lamps
  • Product range already offered 8 standard color and a variety of accessories


  • Premiere of NOVA models with halogen metal vapor lamp technology
  • Premiere of series 185, available with connecter elements and curved sections in a variety of angles
  • Test series with low halogen volt technology for freshwater aquariums


  • Patent application for our convenient height adjustment technique for aquarium lighting
  • First time participation in Interzoo conference
  • Already 12 international exclusive Gieseman distributers, amongst others, in the USA and Australia
  • Expansion of our production facilities with the leasing of new business premises
  • Premiere of the light tube system (SYSTEM 54) with integrated high performance UV tubes. The so called 03 series, produced by Phillips, produces a strong fluorescent light and has a strong performance with 140 Watts.


  • Change of legal status to a GmbH
  • Premiere of the series SYSTEM 400 with 400 Watt HQI bulbs
  • Participation in the Expozoo in Paris and Zoomark in Milan
  • Premiere of the series 185 TC, the first aquarium lighting with energy saving lamps
  • Combination lamps with HQI and actinic (03) lamps


  • Development of the ACW chassis building method for lamps
  • All series already fabricated from a special aluminum alloy, which is also used for ship building (for example for masts)
  • Premiere of the model SYSTEM 260 Moonlight, the first lights with moonlight regulation for the simulation of 28 day moon cycles.
  • Premiere of the series XETRA
  • Market premiere of the system 185 plus, in combination with energy saving lamps
  • Continuing expansion of the business premises with the leasing of further production space
  • Development and production of numerous light systems for other producers, marketed under their brands
  • XETRA Lamps


  • Premiere of UNYLUX, an external device for the control of T-8 Lamps for aquarium and terrariums
  • Market premiere of SYSTEM 200, a combination of HQI and compact fluorescent lights
  • Premiere if the Moonlight timers, to program and control moonlight scenarios
  • Premiere of the series SYSTEM 200 sunrise and the parenting of the complex electronics for dimming fluorescent lamps. This GIESEMANN innovation is offered under license to competitors and is also used under license for instance in poultry farming
  • Market premiere of System Basic TC with energy saving lamps and an output of 55 Watts


  • Development of a lighting system with so-called CCT lamps, with 4mm thick lamps
  • Premiere of series 400 with up to a 1000 watt effective power output, which enjoyed great popularity in many public aquariums
  • Start of construction of a new business premises in Nettetal with generous space to evolve further in the future
  • Long-term testing of different color mixtures with Metal Halide bulbs
  • Construction of a new aquarium testing setup
  • GIESEMANN becomes available in Japan and is represented there henceforth by ADA- Takashi Amano


  • Development of the lighting module SYSTEM 60, a completely waterproof lighting module, initially for T-8 tubes
  • First tests and light construction with prototypes of T-5 tubes, start of long-term testing with aquariums in order to verify durability and biological compatibility
  • Relocation to the new corporate building in Nettetal, which now offers more than 300 sqm of office space and a production space of 650 sqm
  • Numerous large-scale projects are equipped with lighting systems from our company
  • Foundation of the first US dependency (Giesemann-USA) in Massachusetts


  • Premiere of “System 230” (internal development code: 2000), a completely new development with numerous patented functional elements. The model 230 quickly becomes the top-seller amongst the aquarium lighting systems
  • Premiere of the lighting series WEGA for freshwater aquariums and plant displays
  • Premiere of the aquarium cover STRATOS L, a cover for the aquarium edge
  • Market premiere of the new halogen metal vapor lamps, MEGACHROME, initially in “marine” and “blue”


  • Premiere of the aquarium hood STRATOS, the only aluminum cover on the market
  • Launch of MEGACHROME “tropic” for freshwater aquariums
  • Launch of the light module 45, the light bar to fit STRATOS
  • Development of T-5 lamps suitable for the aquarium industry


  • Premiere of the new T-5 lamps for the aquarium industry, initially only in the light colors blue (actinic+) and full spectrum (midday)
  • First experimental setups and tests with white and blue LEDs, which were developed in that particular year.
  • Presentation and market introduction of the systems 230 plus as well as 230 T-5 with the now totally new T-5 technology
  • Extension of the Megachrome palette to single ended versions (E40)
  • Product presentation of the aquarium fans made of stainless steel


  • Extension of the T-5 program by adding the colors aquaflora and aquablue
  • Development of a furniture series
  • Presentation of NOVA II
  • Foundation of the subsiduary in Montreal (Canada) from where the entire North American market is coordinated and where the final manufacturing of the lighting systems for these markets occurs


  • Presentation of the novel T-5 generation under the brand POWERCHROME, now available in 5 light colors and in specially designed packaging
  • Premiere of the first aquarium lighting system with LED at INTERZOO, but because of the very high price, the model isn’t launched on the market
  • Launch of MEGACHROME “coral”
  • Presentation of the new sunrise timer and the multitimer
  • The available range of colors is extended with metallic options, a very complex manufacturing process.
  • Presentation of the new REFLEXX series


  • Presentation and market introduction of the INFINITI series with HQI/T-5 technology and movable reflectors
  • Foundation of a joint venture in China. GIESEMANN lighting systems are produced there only for the Asian market in order to satisfy the locally high demand there.
  • Introduction of the furniture program starting with the series LINEA
  • Enlargement of the assembly and storage space by an additional extension to the business premises
  • Presentation of the new series MATRIXX with up to 12 T-5 lamps


  • Presentation of SPECTRA, the first high performance lighting system with a combination of E40 bulbs and several T-5 lamps
  • Extension of the furniture program with the series CONTURA
  • Launch of the series 260 LED with high performance LEDs (3 x 20 Watts) and elaborate lens technology
  • Product introduction of the series 400 with dimmable HQI technology in 400 Watts


  • Presentation of the new MOONLIGHT series
  • Take-over of the general distribution of the ROWA series in practically all countries worldwide
  • Market introduction of the new lighting module RAZOR
  • Development and launch of the aquarium coolers Polaris, the first coolers fabricated from solid aluminum with an efficient noise encapsulation
  • Facelift of the Reflexx series in a new housing design, only available as T-5
  • Introduction of the new electronics for the Moonlight series with a blue display


  • Presentation of HELIOS, the worldwide first hybrid fixture that combines a LED cluster with high performance LEDs and four T-5 lamps
  • Presentation of the aquarium computer series G-tron
  • Launch of the aquarium canopy SPHERA
  • Launch of ROWA crystal and Aquascape
  • All T-5 lamps now available in a dimmable version
  • Product presentation of the first aquarium lighting system using plasma technology
  • Extension of the product range with high quality full glass aquariums


  • Product premieres of MOONLIGHT Dimtec, the first lighting systems for aquariums with dimmable HQI technology
  • Market introduction of the aquarium series IQ
  • Launch of the LED module QUAZAR
  • Extension of the production space with a new location for furniture production on a separate plot.


  • Facelift of the new INFINITI series with more than 50 technological and visual detailed modifications
  • Launch of the new T-5 light color “aquapink”
  • Presentation of the new light color MEDACHROME "crystal"


  • Presentation of the TESZLA LED
  • Presentation of the new aquarium series ESPRIT
  • Development of a furniture program for terrariums


  • Launch of the TESZLA LED as well as the ESPRIT series
  • Presentation and market premiere of the POWERCHROME “blue lagoon” as well as the MEGACHROME “crystal” as E40 version
  • Product presentation of FUTURA, the first lighting series with Bluetooth control