Quality emerges from excellent raw materials

High-grade aluminium in the form of a specifically durable and salt-water resistant alloy is the initial raw material of choice for our products. Traditional aluminium (such as used for industrial lighting) would corrode after a while and constituents of the varnish as well as the aluminium itself would poison the aquarium.

The material of a GIESEMANN lamp is guaranteed to be salt-water resistant.


High-precision manufacturing

In the production of our fixtures we focus on the minutest details. The aluminium profiles extrusions are therefore moulded with own tools.

All components of our light units and furniture are fabricated using highly modern and precise laser techniques. This ensures the highest quality standards and absolute precision. Nowhere on our products will you find sharp edges or non-precise matchings, that could result in damage to wiring inside the lamp.


The coating

After an adequate pre-treatment, all lamp profiles are varnished with an electrostatic powder coating process in a multi-layer process. This provides each individual component with a thorough coating, avoiding any uncoated edges, which could trigger corrosion. This provides additional and optimal corrosion protection.


Hidden details

We source all high-grade components only from the best suppliers, thereby ensuring the longevity of the product. We guarantee spare part and single-component availability for several years after purchase. Most of our components are fabricated specifically for GIESEMANN by German specialist suppliers or they are fabricated in-house, such that spare-part availability guaranteed, even for years to come.