At home with Technology

Whether it is the reliable and extremely efficient HQI or T-5 lighting, or ground-breaking hybrid technology – Giesemann offers a complete range of unique lighting systems, including the corresponding lighting components and lighting control systems.

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High output LED technology

As one of the first companies to offer LED technology for aquariums, we have accordingly acquired expert know-how. Our LED lighting programmes include only perfected systems, for marine and fresh water, for biologically functioning lighting without compromise.

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LED Hybrid

The best of both worlds

GIESEMANN is the inventor of the Hybrid LED technology, offering these products since 2006. Today, the top models, AURORA and GEMINI, are the hallmarks are the revolutionary Hybrid LED/T5 technology. We see it as our task, to inspire you with our futuristic concept.

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Lighting Systems with T-5 Lamps

Our lighting systems with T-5 technology connect the best current fluorescent lighting techniques with the expertise that GIESEMANN have always stood for: outstanding design, meticulous workmanship, unrivalled service and quality.

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HQI Technology – A classic for successful aquariums

HQI Illumination and Lighting systems for metal-halide lamps and are one of the most reliable lighting sources available. Especially for an aquarium in need of good light, or of great depth, HQI fixtures still provide one of the most efficient light sources in modern lighting technology.

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Fascination marine aquariums

Our lighting programmes for marine aquariums include solutions for every requirement, from compact individual lights to computer controlled high tech lighting for professional salt water aquarium enthusiasts.

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Tropical fresh water aquariums

Our lighting systems for fresh water aquariums, whether for a fascinating Malawi/Tanganyika aquarium or for a lushly planted tropical aquarium, offer comprehensive lighting for every need. Lighting systems are available for both open and closed aquariums of every size.

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Close to natural sunlight

At GIESEMANN our aquarium lighting seeks to incorporate and include all elements: natural light, the environment, the water, plants, people, and above all, the coral and fishes. These should experience a light that comes exceptionally close to natural sunlight. With optimal lighting, we are able to see each other, and the underwater world through new eyes.

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Tradition bound

As one of the international market leaders in lighting technology for aquariums and terrariums, GISEMANN has been a well know name for many years throughout the world. We can look back on over 25 years of tradition.

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High performance

Lighting technology made in Germany

In the development of our lighting systems, we have always striven for perfection –down to the smallest detail. We use only the best available light components to make sure our aquarium lighting systems are both optically and technically unique and have no comparison on the market.

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Interesting details

Many small details one can perhaps overlook at first sight – nevertheless these are the details which make such a difference to the calibre and reliability of your future aquarium lighting.

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