There from the beginning

We at GIESEMANN recognised early on, almost three decades ago, the multitude of lighting needs in the aquarium industry. This is why we are considered pioneers in the field of aquarium lighting. Our name is recognised the world over as one of the market leaders in this field.



Light is life

For underwater life, light is of paramount importance – it provides the fundament of existence for many organisms. Only with the right lighting spectrum, can an aquarium and its creatures be successfully maintained.



Committed to tradition

GIESEMANN, with 25 years of experience, is by far one of the oldest manufacturers of aquarium lighting on the market. Owing its success to an extensive product range and many technological achievements, protected by many patents, trademarks and registered designs, GIESEMANN has become one of the most influential international brands in the aquarium industry and is proud to be present in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Many Innovations in the realm of aquaristics to us are simply standard. A few years ago it was hardly imaginable that delicate corals and marine invertebrates could be kept in an artificial underwater biosphere, let alone cultivated. With our own internal development department, we concern ourselves daily with new challenges and improvements around the theme of light for aquariums.